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You are in charge of a large-scale transformation of business services
You need hands-on project management resources (PM, experts)
to close an execution gap and accelerate value realization

Jump start digital process, data and organizational transformation of your business services 

Your business needs 

You have very stretched goals to create value, fast 

You need to solidify your project plan, jump start execution, take advantage of new technologies 

Resources you need

Battle-tested project managers and experts in business transformation with deep operational 

capabilities and successful 

experience delivering value  

What we've delivered

- Multi-million efficiencies​

- Time back to managers

- Consistent service levels

- Valuable data insights

- Control over risks 

- Energized, focused teams    

How we create value, fast. 

   Project management

  • Refocus your digital transformation

  • Heavy lifting, hands-on execution


   Program management 

  • Stand up an activist PMO

  • Jump start, structure, monitor 



  • Deliver efficiencies

  • Improve service levels


   Skill up​

  • Deploy Lean & Agile 

  • Redefine digital jobs


   Shared services

  • Consolidate operations (GBS)

  • SME for P2P, A2R, OTC, H2R, CX, Treasury/Cash, Audit



  • Unlock value from Data

  • Cleansing, governance, analytics

Our goal at Digital Lean & Data Advantage is to accelerate creation of value from your digital transformation initiatives. 

With over 20 years of experience in business services, we have developed our outcome-focused, data-driven 'secret sauce' to structure transformation journeys, jump start and manage project execution with a clear bias on value creation. 

Our project & program management capabilities sit on robust Six Sigma, Change Acceleration and audit foundations. 


Our consultants are truly independent with no strings attached, no outrageous billing targets. 
We are committed to our set of values: 
Care, Connect, Simplify and Deliver. 
We will be both your sounding board and your effective execution arm.
We will hit the ground running, fast. 

Contact Bernard Borowski at

646-352-3693  (USA) or at +44-7818-927062 (UK) to quickly assess your needs and align the necessary resources. 

Past assignments
  • Digital transformation roadmap >100,000 man days


  • PMO structure, project selection & prioritization criteria, governance for 120> projects


  • Acceleration of technology deployments via minimal viable products MVPs, down to 8 weeks


  • Multi-million efficiencies from GBS / consolidation of services operations

    • global financial institution

    • large domestic insurer

    • pharma giant


  • Multi-sites value stream analyses for financial institutions, insurers, pharma co., technology services providers, business services, media, commodities/trading co, data centers


  • Development & deployment of continuous improvement programs

    • Lean, Six Sigma, Change Acceleration, Agile

    • Tailored workforce skill up plan

    • Training, coaching, certification

  • Data management strategy and execution, incl. quality, digitization, governance, analytics and vendor management 

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