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Digital Lean & Data Advantage is the only group of management consultants to offer a customized and bullet-proofed approach, with solutions to accelerate project execution and to unlock value from data that executives, leading transformations of business services, can use to structure, jump start and manage execution so they can create value, fast. 
With an extensive network of senior consultants and global reach, we hit the ground running because we have led and supported business transformation projects for more than 20 years.
We are truly independent with no strings attached, no outrageous billing targets. 

We will be both your sounding board and your effective execution arm. 

Based in Stamford CT since 2003
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Bernard D. Borowski
Founder, Senior Advisor
"I'm obsessed with creating value from Lean processes, redesign of organizational structures, enhanced data management and disruptive technologies."
  • Bernard is an outcome-driven program manager in the digital transformation of business operations for the services industry

  • He is a BCG-trained consultant, GE Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, ex-GE Capital, Morgan Stanley, Sanofi business services and financial operations executive

  • Over the past 20 years, Bernard has developed a unique ability to translate strategic business needs into laser-focused value-creating use-cases, and jump start, structure & manage business transformation assignments with a demonstrated bias on accelerating value creation from digitization, cloud, XaaS (everything as a service)

One-minute video summary of an actual energizing workshop. (Password = Lean)

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We believe in developing talents; skilling workforce up for the digital age

We will always support your team throughout your business transformation


We believe in customer centricity; laser-focused on value creation

We will always translate your needs into specific use-cases and look for the optimal end-to-end customer journey 

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We believe in 'sharpening the saw' and fact-based solutions to enhance service levels, compliance, reduce cost and risk exposure

We will always look to standardize, digitalize processes and enhance sourcing and footprint strategies 

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We believe in hands-on outcome-driven execution 

We will always leverage Lean Six Sigma rigor and GE's Change Acceleration Process breakthroughs to deliver, fast 

Testimonials - extracted from the 50+ recommendations on Bernard's LinkedIn Profile

"Bernard is an expert in his field. He always seeks to understand the business goal and then applies his knowledge to meet the goal. He always has a positive outlook."

"Bernard is an expert in total quality and process improvement. Always attentive, never rigid, he will guide his clients to successful project completion."

"It was a privilege working with and learning from Bernard during the days when he was the Six Sigma MBB coach for the GE Corporate Audit Staff. It was a daunting job coaching some 200+ Audit Staff working on multiple challenging audit projects, but I recalled the very high level of energy, passion, and technical insights that he contributed to the various audits that I was involved in. I was particularly grateful he was always approachable and responsive in sharing his knowledgeable coaching and guidance, which was crucial in adding the Six Sigma edge to our audit approach and findings. People come and go in the Audit Staff, but many would concur with me that Bernard was one of the few MBBs that left a well recognized mark for the organization."

"I worked with Bernard when he was the Manager of the Cash Desk. He is highly motivated and results oriented. Bernard is extremely professional and detail oriented. He is very attentive to the customer's needs and he is a pleasure to work with. He always treated his subordinates with the utmost respect and held them to the same high standard he set for himself."

"Bernard mentored and coached me through the Black Belt training and certification program at GE Corporate Audit staff. I was very impressed by his facilitative style in applying Six Sigma methodology to the financial and operational processes to a variety of business models. Bernard was a role model of integrity and and drive for continuous improvement across the organization."


“I have an extensive network of executives who can hit the road running.

We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them!

We are truly independent with no strings attached, no outrageous billing targets. 

We will both be your sounding board and your effective execution arm. 

So what are you waiting for, let's meet" 

Bernard D. Borowski 

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