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Jump start your digital process, data and organizational transformation
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At Work
 Project Management 
Jump start your digital transformation journey


Leverage our experience building a 100,000-man-day roadmap 

  • Develop a digital transformation roadmap that highlights outcome-driven delivery milestones

  • Translate strategic business needs into specific use-cases so the roadmap focuses on value creating projects

  • Jump start execution with project teams mobilized on accelerating value creation, delivering Minimal Viable Products that anchor credibility of the digital transformation 

  • Typical duration of 12 weeks (can be customized easily) ​to structure the digital transformation roadmap, kick off execution and ​deliver quick wins

Graph on Computer
Program Management 
Stand up an activist PMO

Leverage our experience to stand up an activist PMO that can manage large scale business transformations


  • Bullet proof selection/ prioritization criteria so your teams focus on projects that matter

  • Establish program governance bodies, project organizational structures so decisions are made

  • Support program execution with critical capabilities on Project Management, Lean and Agile

  • Typical duration of 12 weeks (can be customized easily) to put the PMO back in the driver's seat 

Deliver lasting efficiencies with Lean processes 


Leverage our experience in delivering efficiencies (25%), enhancing service levels and process effectiveness (30% typical)


  • Translate business needs into laser-focused use-cases by process/cycle

  • Orchestrate and run value stream analysis workshops with cross-functional teams - still very effective in times of social distancing 

  • Prioritize process changes / Kaizens that matter to value creation  

  • Mobilize teams and deliver quick wins 

  • Develop mechanisms to sustain momentum, monitor realization of goals

  • Typical duration of 12 weeks (can be customized easily) ​to run workshops, kick off execution, ​deliver quick wins

Collating Data
Skill up
Develop Lean & Agile capabilities 


Leverage our experience because the 'one-size fits all' training almost always fails  


  • Identify business needs and translate into specific capabilities (Lean, Change Acceleration, Project mgt, Agile dev.)

  • Assess current levels of capability per group (executives, front-liners, etc.)

  • Customize training plan by group  

  • Orchestrate, deliver training classes and workshops - still very effective in times of social distancing 

  • Typical duration of 6 to 12 weeks (can be customized easily) ​to structure training plan and launch rollout 

Unlock Value from data 


Create efficiencies (15%), enhance

process effectiveness (20%)

  • Identify data landscape and specific data fields that will create value

  • Define cleansing requirements (eg. completeness, conformity with standards, etc.) for key data fields

  • Identify most effective approach and tools based on existing ecosystem

  • Accelerate data cleansing with automated tools (eg. IDQ, SAP D/S)

  • Stand up Data Governance bodies (empowered cross functional teams) and automation tools (eg. Collibra) to keep data clean

  • Identify breakthroughs thanks to new big-data technologies (eg. TigerGraph)

Shared Services 
Stand up a GBS Global Business Services / CoE


Leverage our experience developing a 5,000-people GBS from the ground up

  • Size the prize, identify business cycles that will create value (Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, Account-to-Report, Hire-to-Retire, Connect-to-Resolve, Data Management, etc.)

  • Develop process models, end-to-end customer journeys, organizational structures, program governance, target operating model, location strategy, technology roadmap

  • Align, assign process owners and project managers to roadmap initiatives

Testimonials - extracted from the 50+ recommendations on Bernard's LinkedIn Profile

"...provided high value-added solutions to counterparts (internal & external clients), mastering technics and methodologies for process improvement & change management."

"...phenomenal team leadership and change management skills by partnering with operations and risk teams to put short term and long term processes in place ... helped the business achieve 94% booking accuracy... respect for people, curiosity to learn about different cultures..." 


"...Engaging and insightful he brings real world experiences. His expertise in Six Sigma is based on a very real and deep understanding of how these approaches can be applied ... passion for performance improvement and his active involvement makes Bernard a master at bringing the right people together in order to facilitate networking and learning,and an incredibly valuable resource in the process and product improvement, as well as change management..."

"... used energizing leadership to make continuous improvement the way GE Corporate Audit staff worked in his role a MBB. In addition he was able to help me and peer audit teams accelerate audits with Six Sigma. He has demonstrated high integrity standards while leading the black belt certification program."

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