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  • With an extensive network of senior consultants and global reach, we hit the ground running because we have led and supported business transformation projects for more than 20 years - a small sample of past projects is listed below
  • We will be both your sounding board and your effective execution arm because We are truly independent with no strings attached or outrageous billing targets

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Create value from enhanced program management | Activist PMO 

 >100,000-man-day transformation program with 120+ projects

  • We developed the selection/ prioritization criteria to focus on critical projects, established program governance bodies, project organizational structures that facilitated and accelerated decision making. 

  • We also supported the overall program execution by developing critical capabilities on Project Management, Lean and Agile. 

Create value from focused project management | Digital transformation roadmap and execution 
Global Shared Services (>5,000 people)
  • We articulated the strategic business needs with the leadership team, translated the needs into specific use-cases enabled us to develop a roadmap focused on value creating projects

  • We jump started execution with the launch of Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) that created credible value in 8 weeks

  • We redesigned Process models and End-to-End Customer Journeys for Account-to-Report, Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay, Hire-to Retire, Connect-to-Resolve and Data Management

Data Cloud
Create efficiencies | services operations  
Large financial institution 

  • We developed a core model and standardized processes leveraging the right balance of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies 

  • We simplified and digitalized services operations with self-services tools, dematerialized records and clarified governance 

  • We re-designed footprint and sourcing model to achieve scale and critical mass of the low value added tasks as well as non core activities

  • Delivered multi-million efficiencies, 25% of cost base 

Accelerate Change |  support technology rollout
Fortune 200   

  • We led workshops, framed what's in/out of scope, desired outcomes, and values resulting in robust buy-in based on a shared need and a clear vision

  • We developed force field and stakeholders analysis so we mobilized commitment and jump started execution

  • We delivered tangible quick wins, aligned resources, launched skill up plan so we past the tipping point for lasting change

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Accelerate change | support consolidation of operations   
Fortune 200  

  • We led workshops, articulated threats/ opportunities, desired outcomes, and values resulting in robust buy-in based on a shared need and a clear vision

  • We planned for technical, political, cultural resistance, and stakeholders analysis so we mobilized commitment and jump started execution

  • We delivered tangible quick wins, aligned resources, launched skill up plan so we past the tipping point for lasting change. Also put in place monitoring mechanisms

LEAN | create value from redesign, behavior alignment, skill up
Large financial institution  

  • We led numerous workshops across key cycles, jump started improvement efforts (Kaizens), delivered quick wins

  • We changed work flows, broke functional silos. Increased proximity led to improved behaviors. 

  • We deployed hands-on training & coaching of workforce leading to a high utilization of new tools and skills that unlocked roadblocks and created breakthroughs

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Develop Lean capabilities | assess, customize plan, train & coach  
Fortune 200  

  • We identified business needs and translated into specific capabilities requirements (Lean, Change Acceleration, Project mgt, Agile dev.)

  • Assessed current levels of capability & gaps per group (executives, front-liners, etc.)

  • Customized training, development plan by group

  • Orchestrated, delivered training classes and workshops, coaching sessions - still very effective in times of social distancing  

SME | provide subject matter expertise to unlock stalled projects
Fortune 100, 200, 500, start-up  

  • Business Services: Source-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, Record-to-Report, Hire-to-Retire, Connect-to-Resolve, Treasury / Cash Management, Audit

  • Lean, Six Sigma (DMAIC, 12-step process, DMADV / DFSS), Continuous Improvement methodologies, TOC 

  • Sourcing and footprint strategies, Standing up CoE, Captives and BPO

  • Best-in-class technologies in Robotics, AI/ML, Process Mining, Data Management, BigData/Graph Analytics, ERP, HCM, Visualization, 

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Stock Exchange
Create Value from data | refocus efforts on data that matter 
15,000-man-day program for a Global Shared Services


  • We created business value from enhanced data management, with efficiencies (15%), enhanced process effectiveness (20%) and put significant risks exposures under control

  • We translated business needs into specific data related use-cases in order to focus on data that matter. Piloted approach on Vendor data to unlock bargaining power & support vendor lifecycle management; and on Employee data to ease compensation planning, on-boarding & HR reporting. 

Create Value from data | accelerate data cleansing 
15,000-man-day program for a Global Shared Services

  • We identified automated data cleansing tools for the priority data domains. We developed tool selection criteria based on effectiveness, cost and alignment with existing technology ecosystems (Informatica IDQ, SAP I/S D/S)

  • We deployed globally relevant tools with dramatic increase in data quality (26% in one quarter). Adequate change management practices are critical at this step to ensure proper interpretation of data cleansing 

  • We also leveraged third party data bases to validate, complete and consolidate critical information (CDQ, D&B, ApexAnalytics)

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Create Value from data | accelerate data cleansing 
Large investment Bank, Optimized capital allocation for 000's of investments funds

  • We identified fields used in the definition of Risk Weighted Assets and related capital allocation process for investment funds and equities under management

  • We led cleansing of investment data with cross functional teams to ensure effective and compliant cleansing practices

  • We also redefined flagging and allocation processes to sustain accomplishments 

  • The increased visibility into the investment quality led to the adoption of less stringent & punitive capital allocation strategies which resulted in freeing up > $1bil. of capital 

Create Value from data |  user-friendly big data breakthroughs
We have partnered with the leader in Graph Technology 

  • Graph Technology breakthroughs enable organizations to unlock insights from data in the most user-friendly and intuitive manner - unlike relational data bases that require back-and-forth queries and middle men to engage executive audience

  • Enables the instant analysis of multiple terabytes of data from fragmented sources of data, and real time focus on data points or segments 

  • Applicable to all data domains - our experience is mostly with financials, life science, fraud detection/prevention 

  • 2020 Gartner cool vendor, most relevant to large corporations, terabytes of data 

Data on a Touch Pad
Create Value from data | governance to keep data clean
Data governance for large Global Shared Services


  • We stood up Data Governance bodies that empowered cross functional teams of data owners, stewards and consumers to make decisions rapidly 

  • We developed data dictionaries for value producing data fields in order to standardize data processes whilst managing regional differences

  • We designed workflows to ensure control over core and reference data definitions and allowable values

  • Deployed automated tools (Collibra) which resulted in enforcing data standards globally and keeping data clean 

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